Get Funding for Your Business And Pay It Off Faster

  • Need money for your business fast? But worried about how to pay it off?
  • Are you thinking about getting a business loan to grow your business, but you’re worried about having high debt?
  • Do you have a growth plan for your business but find it difficult when searching for funding?

In this article I’ll explain how to get the funding you need quickly without worrying about how to pay it off, being stuck with high debt or continuing to search for funding.

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You’ll need to do your homework on the day-to-day operations and revenue projections of your business and know exactly what it will take to double or better yet triple your bottom line. Know your numbers!

If you want to take your business from $75,000 yearly gross sales to $175,000 yearly gross sales or from $200,000 to $500,000 or from $600,000 to $2,500,000.

You must  have a plan and we help you with the vehicle to get you there.

Here are the ideal categories to focus on where an influx of cash (the vehicle) can help to dramatically increase your income, again with careful planning.

  • Expansion
  • More Inventory
  • Additional Location
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Enhance Technology

Just to name a few….

The bottom line is…. Business Funding can give you the option to access capital quickly especially with a business cash advance.

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However, to be brutally honest… money isn’t cheap, and this type of funding is known to have a high cost.


The good news is that this type of advance is not difficult to obtain.

However, it’s only for businesses who know exactly what it will take to turn a profit quickly which will maximize the cost.

The bad news is that this is Not.. for businesses who need cash flow to make payroll or for working capital.

There are other types of business loans for that.

For example:

We show you how to get a business cash advance and a way to help you pay it down or pay it off faster.

How is this possible?

We offer a special program for business owners called “ConnectCash”

Connectcash is an outstanding program offered by one of our Lending Partners designed to help business owners pay off their Cash Advances faster!

Clients are offered the opportunity to get extra cash by sharing our service with their network of relationships; earning them 2% of all fundings – or 1% of all ERC credits referrals.

Business Owners who participate will receive funds deposited to their bank accounts – along with directions on how they can use those funds to pay down the balance with their specific provider – if they choose.

With this program, you can even earn more than you owe!

Qualifying for a business cash advance is easy all you need is:

  • $10-$15,000 monthly income
  • FICO score 550
  • 6 months in business

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After we’ve done everything possible to help you get funded and have made it a smooth process and enjoyable experience.

Most business owners become repeat customers.

Then when you’re ready you can refer businesses to get funding just like you did and receive a percentage of their funding amount as mentioned above.

These funds can be used any way you like to Include:

Paying down or paying off your current cash advance.

 It’s a win win, you earn extra cash, and we get to help more business owners like yourself, and they too can receive the “perk” for other businesses they refer.

 We don’t know of any other company that offers this incentive.

We’d like to…be the company that helps fund your business and helps you pay it down or pay it off early.

We call that true customer service.