Got Questions?

Here are a few

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  • Once you complete the application it will be reviewed most times same day or within 24-48 hours typically. You’ll receive a pre-approval or denial notice by email.
  • You can set up a call with us to go over your plan or move straight into underwriting.
  • Once we know how much funding you pre-qualify for if there is any documentation needed you will submit it at this time.
  • Once reviewed and approved you will be notified of the offer and terms waiting for your acceptance.
  • Once the offer is accepted funding will take place at the time set on your offer letter/email.

We work with multiple lenders and lending programs who require different credit scores and the average range is 580-720

This is a question always asked. Some programs we can answer this question and some we will need to review the documentation. Our funding team will work to get you the best rate possible for your unique situation.

Funding is available for many different types of industries. Some industries may have certain qualifications and or restrictions by the lender. Let know your industry and we will let you know if its workable.

Some loan programs do require personal guarantees.